About Us

At Specialized Shading Systems we have a passion for engineering

This is not only reflected in our innovative and custom-made shading solutions, which include solar and black-out shades, motorized systems of all kinds, triangular shades, skylight shades, arched shades and interior and exterior zipper screens, but also in the way we work. Our approach is characterized by a high level of customer service and technical support through consulting, calculating, testing and on-site engineering.

For constructing our products, we work with only the highest quality in systems and shading materials. We represent many European shading system manufacturers who offer cutting-edge technology which so far have not been available in the US market and which we would gladly introduce to you.

Take a look at our Look Book of some of the exciting projects we have completed over the many years that Specialized has served the industry.

More information on a selection of project can also be found in our reference book.

Our Team

A dedicated team of experts

At Specialized Shading Systems we work with a team of dedicated experts specialized in engineering interior and exterior shading solutions. As a team, we aim at simplifying the complexity that comes with creating the perfect shading plan, especially in the most challenging situations.

All our engineers have long-time experience in the shading business. They know what it takes to make it work. In supporting you, we want to help you to save time and energy throughout the project and to assist you in offering your clients the shading solution they need.

Our Expertise

A custom-made shading plan to suit your client’s shading needs

Specialized Shading Systems has extensive experience in the residential as well as the commercial market. Each market has its specific requirements, yet centeres around the goal to create a comfortable and attractive living and working environment for the end-user. With a variety of high-quality window coverings which can be customized to the specifications at hand, we offer solutions for almost any window shape, skylights, facades and weather conditions and places. Consult with us in an early stage so we can advise you in selecting the systems and materials for the desired performance and convenience.